Seller Assurance

We keep Amazon Sellers Selling.

Trust us with your Amazon Compliance

Seller Protect

Day-to-Day Account Health management keeps selling stress-free and let’s you focus on other priorities.

From $369/month

Seller Shield

Assurance in the case of suspension, rapid no-extra-cost support to get you back to selling.

From $19/month


Bespoke Consulting

Something else in mind? Let’s solve new problems and ensure you can be the best seller. 

Bespoke Pricing

What We Do

Compliance made easy.

Monitoring Account Health. Responding to Violations. Fighting IP Complaints. Removing Restricted Products. Adjusting Listings. Appealing Suspensions. 

We take the stress out of selling on Amazon, so you can focus on growing your business.


Start With a Free Account Health Checkup

Your doctor keeps you healthy. Your mechanic keeps your car running. What about your Amazon account?

Seller Assurance

Trust Us with Your Amazon Compliance.

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